SWAT Power Suspension Straps:

What is Suspension Training? Suspension Training is the act of defying gravity by lifting your body weight while being suspended above the Earth’s surface.

SWAT Power Suspension straps are the secret to extreme strength building! SWAT Power suspension straps provides a great total-body workout. They move, and recruit your stabilizer muscles, building them stronger than ever before possible thus reducing your risk for injuries.

Core training will the most intense using the SWAT Power suspension straps than you can image! Recruit deep abdominal muscles and strength all the back muscles that support the spine and torso.

The SWAT Power suspension straps are made up Heavyweight polypro webbing tested for 1125 lbs that easily adjusts with a sliding clasp. SWAT Power straps can be adjusted as short as 2.5’ to 20’. By not absorbing water it allows a better grip for the hardware, doesn't stretch (even if wet), and it has a high resistance to rot and mildew and includes two heavy single grip handles to ensure comfort with any movement.

SWAT Power Suspension Strap Advantages

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