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My name is June Morrow and I own SWAT Fit-Camp in Texas. I have been blessed as a great motivator and having the ability to develop creative and unique fitness exercises.

I have 25 years as fitness professional. I have taught 25 years as a group X instructor, 20+ as a personal trainer, and have more than15 years teaching bootcamp fitness workouts.

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Partner drills are awesome but hard. Two exercises, two people switching back and forth. This works well when you don’t have enough equipment for everyone and do not want to do circuits. It adds lots of variety; and switches which partner controls the number of reps or time spent in a specific exercise, plus it keeps everyone moving.

Who’s your mama now?

This is the most advance level for total muscle failure, pushing endurance to the extreme. Very fast moving drills with no rest challenging the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Limited the time they have to complete drills keeps them moving and pushing them to the limit. These can easily be modified for less fit.

Who's Your Mama 1

Who's Your Mama 2

Bootcamp challenge sampler

These are intermediate to advance levels with a mixture of different equipment such as ab balls, bosu, step platforms etc. Some workouts are all body weight while other uses a mixture of equipment. Then there are those that put more focus on specific body areas such as lower body, core, or upper with intense cardio. This has a great mixture of exercises and equipment.

Workout Challenge Sampler 1

Workout Challenge Sampler 2

Customized bootcamp workout:

This can be for the bootcamp trainer or a fitness enthusiast. Once you buy, you will complete a form from me. These workouts can be designed any way you want them: it can be just all body weight, specific equipment, core focus, cardio and endurance, or by muscle groups. You can also select from fitness levels. You can also choose from a 60 or 90 minute workout.

SWAT Power Suspension Straps:

The SWAT Power suspension straps are made up Heavyweight polypro webbing tested for 1125 lbs that easily adjusts with a sliding clasp. SWAT Power straps can be adjusted as short as 2.5’ to 20’. By not absorbing water it allows a better grip for the hardware, doesn't stretch (even if wet), and it has a high resistance to rot and mildew and includes two heavy single grip handles to ensure comfort with any movement.

Remember these workouts are advanced but easy to modify for those less fit. They all contain core, cardio, and strength exercises and have modification options provided.